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What does Steve Baxter from Shark Tank look for in an Entrepreneur?​

I was recently at a breakfast presentation for Entrepreneurs where Steve Baxter provided us with an insight into what he looks for in business owners when he is asked to invest in their business. The insight is intriguing!


It has long been thought that to to be that entrepreneur who has people invest in your business, you need to have that 'million dollar idea' that no one else has thought. Those days are long gone! The millionaire and billionaires of today often haven't thought of that 'unthought of' idea. What separates them from everyone else is their MOTIVATION to operate their own business. 


It is motivation that gives you the skills, whether you have acquired them already or you are motivated to acquire them, to launch your own business. Steve doesn't look for that 'million dollar idea' first, he assesses whether the business owner has the MOTIVATION and the subsequent skills (or desire to learn them) to launch the business. If they have this quality, then he will listen to the idea.


Moral of the story, invest in yourself before you can expect others to invest in you. Be motivated to do what it takes to create your own success because our success isn't pre-destined, it's earned.


To your ongoing success. 


Jade xx