Protect Your Intellectual Property With A Trademark

Before You Lose Your Opportunity

Why should you register a trademark?


Having a trademark lets you sleep well at night knowing that your brand identity is protected legally.


This legal protection can (and often does) save you from needing to rebrand your business if someone else registers a trademark before you do - which could force you to change your entire brand identity. 


Imagine having to rebrand your entire business, it could cost you thousands of dollars. No thank you, I'd rather be safe than sorry! 


Plus, if you sell your business later, having a trademark is something that will give the buyer peace of mind, knowing that the goodwill they are investing in, is protected by law.

A trademark can be secured for life if you continue to renew it (every 10 years) and is a valuable part of your businesses intellectual property.


A trademark provides you with rights that prevent anyone else from having or using your trademark or one that is substantially similar.


In addition to these rights, you are able to license out your trademarks for a fee and use it as a foundation for applying for a trademark internationally.


Before you rush off into the sunset on the back of a beautiful horse along a romantic beach, there are a few things that you need to consider...


Am I eligible to own a trademark?


Do you know what class of goods or service you need to register your trademark in?

Would you like to register a word, logo or slogan (or all of them)?

Is my trademark distinctive enough to distinguish my goods or services?

Did you know that you can register more than just a logo as a trademark? Trademarks can be:

  • word (in a plain font or a ‘fancy’ font)
  • phrase
  • letter
  • number
  • logo
  • picture
  • aspect of packaging
  • or combination of the above...

There is some prep work involved before you file your trademark application and it can be difficult and overwhelming.


We have put together a complete package to help you through the preparation and filing of your trademark. 


Preparation Searches and Application

We will undertake searches on the IP Australia database of trademarks to determine whether there are any registered trademarks which might impede upon your application being granted. If there are no other trademarks identified, we will then put together a recommendation of classes which your trademark should be filed in.  


It is important to understand that there is no guarantee that your trademark will be accepted. IP Australia make the ultimate decision.

We will collate a description of the goods or services for each class for your application then file your application for you. As part of this service, we will be the point of contact for your application with IP Australia and set out every step of the process with you as we receive updates about your application. 


If your trademark is not accepted, you will be provided with a letter from IP Australia with a recommended course of action about how to remedy any issues if it is possible to be remedied. If your application is accepted, your rights commence from the date you filed your application and will be secured for 10 years upon payment of a registration fee. This registration fee is not included in our pricing.


Your rights are not secured until you file your application - don't delay or you could lose your opportunity.


To start the process to secure your trademark:

  1. Complete and submit your contact details below.

Before proceeding in filing a trademark on your behalf, we will contact you to discuss the details of your trademark and answer any questions you have.


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