GrowthPad gives you the knowledge, support and community you need to thrive in business. We know this because we've proven it for over 400 creatively-minded business owners just like you. 

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​The Business and Lifestyle You Deserve, Is Going To Start With a Proven System That You Love Doing.


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What Does Your Business Mean To You?

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If you checked any of the boxes above, we get you. I invite you to book a complimentary suitability call with us.


A suitability call lets us find out if you are a match to get great results inside GrowthPad.
It's a relaxed, free, 10-minute phone call with us.
During the call, we do three things:

  • First, we talk about where you are now - what resources, skills, talents and life experience you have to help you in business.

  • Second, we talk about where you want to go - your vision for your life and how owning a business fits into that vision.

  • And third, we talk about any roadblocks or obstacles that could potentially stop you from getting where you want to be.

Then we map out a simple plan for you to start moving forward, and if we feel that GrowthPad can help you get there, you're welcome to ask as many questions as you like.
But if we don’t feel that GrowthPad is the right fit for you, we’ll politely refer you to a resource that may suit you better.

GrowthPad is popular because we only work with people we know we can get great results for. We love what we do and want to make sure that you'll love it too.

100% Privacy

Let's find out if you're the right fit to have success inside GrowthPad

GrowPad focuses on three things...

  • Growing your audience by creating a unique movement in your marketplace that inspires more customers to join you.

  • Systems and process make your business easier to operate, so you don't get overwhelmed and enjoy it more.

Get the knowledge and proven step by step systems

  • Customer Avatars

    • Get clarity on your ideal customer
    • Communicate your solution perfectly 
    • Learn our 'Transformation System'
  • Product Ladder Strategy

    • Create offers that dominate competitors
    • Increase average customer spend 
    • Position yourself apart from competitors
  • Positioning And Pricing

    • Create maximum profit and turnover
    • Never have to discount again
    • Create a perception of immediate value
  • Value Creation Bootcamp

    • Build a Brand Story framework
    • Create stronger customer connections
    • Overcoming objections effortlessly
  • Actionable Sales Psychology

    • Understand how your customer thinks
    • Write advertising copy that sells
    • Become confident in selling 
  • Finances Foundation

    • Manage finances in your business
    • Prepare for tax time easily
    • Protect yourself legally
  • Marketing And Funnels

    • Get consistent sales enquiries
    • Paid & non-paid advertising campaigns
    • Email marketing and launch campaigns
  • Business Action Plan

    • Build an action plan that works
    • Create personal systems and habits
    • Self-care for business owners


Introducing Your Business Coaches

You bring the creativity, we'll bring the frameworks that cause success.

"The Lawyer"

Jade is a qualified Lawyer and award-winning business coach, winning the International Women's Day Leader Award in 2019. She was also a finalist for Mentor of the Year and Entrepreneur of the year in 2020. On top of this, she is currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant. Jade also coaches Australia's largest businesses in her corporate role at PwC. 


Jade loves coaching business founders, and she will train you with cutting edge, relevant videos created in your member's area, plus coach you live during the entire 8-week program. She'll lay the solid groundwork so that you can master the core fundamentals behind your customised program.


It's important to not just do the weekly tasks but to understand the "bigger picture" of what you're doing over the program and why.


Join Jade for the live coaching sessions, and you might get a sneak peek of her English Bulldog, who loves to photobomb the Zoom calls!

Aaron Spehr

"The Strategist"

Aaron has built three internationally recognised businesses, including e-commerce, consulting and coaching. He spent 14 years working in Top 20 ASX listed companies as a sales trainer before starting his own companies. When it comes to sales, marketing, and strategic business positioning, you're learning from one of the best. Additionally, Aaron holds a Certificate In Business from Bond University and is currently completing his Masters in Business at Bond University.


You will also get coached by Aaron on the live weekly group calls, where you can get your questions answered if you need extra help in completing your weekly tasks. 


Consider Aaron your supportive (but no-excuses) accountability partner. He's not afraid to "hold your feet to the fire" and make you stay accountable for getting your tasks done. If you like Dad jokes and lots of stories in your learning experience, you are going to love Aaron! 

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the value that you will receive with your GrowthPad membership, send us an email within 14 days of joining for a refund in full. For full terms and conditions, click here.

Jade and Aaron Spehr

Founders, JadeStart

Let's find out if you're the right fit to have success inside GrowthPad

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