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Did you know that JadeStart can register your business name for you?

It is against the law to operate a business without a registered business name. This is because the law requires your business to be identifiable to suppliers and creditors within the ABN Lookup search.


As part of your business name registration service, we will:

  • Set up your Australian Security Investments Commission (ASIC) Connect account for you;
  • Register your business name 3 years; and
  • Link it to your ASIC Connect account so you retain full control of your business name.

Why use JadeStart?

Registering it with other companies means you have to pay them to renew your business name every year - costing you twice the amount that it should.


In addition to the above, other companies do not give you the ASIC key to your business name - so you are not able to control your business name, renewals or transfers, forcing you to pay them. 



At JadeStart, we take care of the registration for you and give you your ASIC key, so you can take care of renewals going forward.


Let us take the stress out of setting up your account and registering your business name, then, let us give you back control over your business name so you can save costs when it's renewal time.


Complete the form below to have JadeStart register your business name for only $99.

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